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Notice: Arkansas based Theraliv Inc is taking over all Texas based, Therapeutic Living, inc. operations and all assets and liabilities are being transferred to Arkansas based TheraLiiv, Inc, including management of this web site and

All of the various giving funds, etc. on this page are still good. Funds donated to Therapeutic Living, Inc. will be transferred to Theraliv, Inc. Once all the giving options on this page will be changed to new Theraliv Inc. giving funds as they are set up. We thank you for your continued support. 

Providing scientific health education, training and support online and in person. Donations Can Be Given Through the PayPal Giving Fund. 

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A small team with big dreams, looking to become a big team with gigantic dreams of changing the world, one bite at a time. 

The Board of Directors of TheraLiv Inc, an Arkansas based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, currently consists of three members all sacrificially giving to support the mission of TheraLiv Inc. through our web sites and other outreach programs.

The corporation was formed to take over the projects and assets of Therapeutic Living, Inc. a Texas based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that is closed. The original corporation was formed because of the desire of some to support the work that Dr. Carney and her husband were doing, using their own resources and struggling to keep up financially and with the mountain of work that is still needed to educate the world to live Therapeutically. One of the previous board members challenged us to start a 501(c)(3) corporation in order to be able to donate to us and the challenge made a lot of sense. It was something we had thought of before but had not endeavored to undertake.  

We also had a committee running the ATX Alive which conducted a very successful monthly potluck in Austin Texas that generally drew from 60 to 90 participants monthly. Covid-19 forced the closure of that potluck. 

There is also a small team managing the web site at https// which we hope to be able to grow shortly to increase our offering both in terms of the content provided and also in terms of translating and providing these materials in other languages. That team also should be displayed soon on this page. 

PO Box 37, Amity AR 71921

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+1 (512) 300-3329

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