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All of the various giving funds, etc. on this page are still good. Funds donated to Therapeutic Living, Inc. will be transferred to Theraliv, Inc. Once all the giving options on this page will be changed to new Theraliv Inc. giving funds as they are set up. We thank you for your continued support. 

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A resource we started for our own use has grown into a helpful resource assisting thousands seeking scientific studies.

In our blogging efforts we continually ran into studies that we felt the need to abstract and catalog for easy retrieval at a later date. Eventually one of our team members realized the value of these study abstracts and encouraged us to make the abstracts available publicly. Thus was born a service of well cataloged health scientific research summaries that are now used by many to assist in putting together Articles, Blogs, Powerpoint Presentations, Posters and more. We have organized the Health Science Research Summaries until seven headings with thousands of subheadings.

The seven headings are Disease Conditions, Disease Classifications, Body Systems, Body Parts, Measurable Results, Lifestyle Choices, and Drug Medications. Each of the studies keeps the exact name of the published scientific study making it easy to find both our abstracts and the actual studies. We provide links to the full studies or the study abstracts that are freely available. We also place the studies under relevant subcategories making it easy to find related studies. As well our search engine also helps to group the studies logically together. So, for example you can find hundreds of studies related to Cancer and then narrow down to specific types of cancer such as Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer.

We welcome you to use the studies and do appreciate links back or credit for our assistance to you. Also, donations to TheraLiv Inc. can help us to keep abstracting these studies. We also hope to add additional value to these studies in the future. 


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