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Notice: Arkansas based Theraliv Inc is taking over all Texas based, Therapeutic Living, inc. operations and all assets and liabilities are being transferred to Arkansas based TheraLiiv, Inc, including management of this web site and

All of the various giving funds, etc. on this page are still good. Funds donated to Therapeutic Living, Inc. will be transferred to Theraliv, Inc. Once all the giving options on this page will be changed to new Theraliv Inc. giving funds as they are set up. We thank you for your continued support. 

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Some of Dr. Carney's patients formed a local community organization promoting plant-based nutrition in Austin Texas.

In May of 2015 an inspiring movie, PlantPure Nation, was released to national theaters in cities across the United States, including in Austin Texas. This movie added considerably to the plant-based groundswell originally initiated through the release of the movie Forks Over Knives. Dr. Carney and many of her patients attended this showing of PlantPure Nation where Dr. Carney did a Question and Answer session after the movie finished. The movie's Director, Nelson Campbell, made an impassioned appeal at the end of the movie challenging us to form Potluck Clubs in Every Community. The group in Austin Texas was not able to form a potluck club in every community but immediately set about creating one for the Austin Texas area which they named ATX Alive. The original founders were patients of Linda Carney MD who immediately invited her to join them in promoting this effort.

The ATX Alive potluck club was able to meet in small venues such as at member's homes and offices. However, the group rapidly grew much too large and a more stability and a larger, more reliable facility was needed. At Dr. Carney's request a local Seventh-day Adventist Church agreed to allow ATX Alive to meet monthly in their Fellowship Hall free of charge charge. Now, every third Sunday of the month (except December), you are invited to attend this life-changing Whole-Food Plant-Based No-Oil potluck starting at 12:00 Noon. Bring something whole food plant based with no oil and plan to bring enough for you and your family and for additional people as well. There are lists of recommended recipe sites at the ATX Alive Web Site and also on their Public Facebook page.

After the meal there is always a speaker starting at 1:00 PM followed by what is referred to as the Open Mic. This is an informative time where people are able to share their upcoming events, resources they would like to make others aware of, and often their own personal stories of health and healing. It is always an exciting time.  Additional activities include promoting local resources and arranging for local restaurants to put on No Oil vegan meals and promoting them widely. Many restaurants in the area now offer whole food plant based no oil options. This has been spearheaded by Dr. Susan Elizondo.

ATX Alive grew significantly and had come under the umbrella of Therapeutic Living, Inc. before being transferred to TheraLiv Inc. We welcome, and are thrilled to have the ATX Alive team working as a committee of TheraLiv, Inc. which enables us to now receive Tax Deductible donations to help further the work of ATX Alive.



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